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How to write a person specification

Anthony Haynes (pictured) writes: Through our work in recruitment, we get to see a lot of draft person specifications. This provides us with insight into the typical pitfalls and, more importantly, how to avoid them. Hence the latest episode in our podcast, 'Recruitment in the modern world', available here: It turns out that a lot depends on the relationships between the various components of specifications --...

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How NOT to write job advertisements

Do you have a job advertisement to write? In an interview with Sherah Beckley (pictured), Anthony Haynes explains how to make advertisements more effective by avoiding typical pitfalls -- see the latest episode in our Recruitment in the Modern World podcast: #talentacquisition #recruitment #employers #podcasts

How to optimise your CV

Anthony Haynes writes: In the latest episode of our podcast, Recruitment in the Modern World, Sherah Beckley (pictured) interviewed me about CVs. Specifically, we discussed how job-hunters can boost their chances by tailoring their CVs to specific vacancies. In our discussion, we cover three practical ways to achieve this. The episode is available here:

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