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Our blog is designed to enable us to post our own content, principally in the form of news and resources, and to showcase other parties' quality content in the areas of talent acquisition, talent development, and career development. 

We're also open to publishing guest posts. If you'd like to propose a post, please email us (with 'FAO Anthony: guest post' in the subject line) to discuss the idea.

Networking - the what, why, and how

<Anthony Haynes (pictured) writes: Back in the summer of 2020, we launched our podcast, Recruitment in the Real World.  Just writing that sentence feels good - stats show that most podcasts die very quickly, after just a few episodes, so it's heartening that we're still going strong (we've just completed season 4). Our goal from the start has been to publish 'evergreen' material. Not quite literally - probably all content goes out of date eventually: but we certainly aim is to...

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How a talent team works: Andrea Montgomery

Anthony Haynes writes: On this blog we run an occasional series introducing members of our team. The aim is two-fold: to help our stakeholders to get to know us better; and to explain how the team in a talent agency works. Here I interview our latest recruit, Andrea Montgomery (pictured). What is your job title? Recruitment Consultant . And what's the function of your role? It has 3 parts really: researcher, administration and account manager (resourcing partner ). Researching core clients at...

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What does quality in talent acquisition look like?

"I think of candidate matching as like buying a house. On paper a property might tick all your requirements, but you have to see it to find the features that tell you if the house is for you. "A good agency has an in-depth relationship with the recruiting organisation and transfers that to the candidate along the way. A good agency brings the job description to life, understand the nuances of the role and, potentially, the type of person that is going to fit." -- Martin Greig...

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