Get that job in 2024! Free sources of advice and guidance

Anthony Haynes (pictured) writes: No doubt many people have started the New Year with the intention of finding a new job.

If you are one of them, I'm pleased to say that we have three types of practical resources available to support you - all of them available free of charge.


These take place on Fridays, starting at 13:15. as follows:

1. Optimising your CV - 12th Jan 2024 -
There’s plenty of advice available for job-seekers on how to write CVs. 
But if you merely follow the standard advice, the risk is that your CVs will turn out looking much like everyone else’s. This webinar, in contrast, provides advice on how to stand out from the herd. During the session we’ll consider what to include in a CV, how to structure it, and what language to use. Our emphasis throughout will be on how to make your CV just right for the vacancy you’re applying for.
Presenters from FJ Wilson Talent Services: Fiona Wilson (Managing Director) and Anthony Haynes (Communications Director). 
Host: Dr Bart Hallmark.

2. Being interviewed - 26th Jan 2024.
To be successful in a job interview you need not only to be a good fit for the role, but also be able to demonstrate that in an interview. Interview technique matters. This practical webinar identifies common pitfalls and provides techniques to help interviewees avoid them.
Presenters: Fiona Wilson (Managing Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services) & Anthony Haynes (Comms Director)
Host: Dr Bart Hallmark

3. Being interviewed virtually - 9th Feb 2024 -
Many of the skills required for being interviewed effectively online are the same as those required face-to-face – but there are too some special considerations.This webinar is designed to provide interviewees with practical guidance concerning aspects of virtual interviews, including personal presentation, management of your surroundings, and use of hardware and software.
Presenter: Fiona Wilson (Managing Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services)
Host: Dr Bart Hallmark

4. Giving a presentation - 23rd Feb 2024 -
Candidates are often required to give a presentation as part of the recruitment selection process. This webinar is designed to help candidates stand out from the crowd by avoiding all-too-common pitfalls. In particular, we’ll discuss how to:
  • Present yourself and engage with your audience
  • Present visual material
  • Make your material more accessible
Presenter: Anthony Haynes (Communications Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services)
Host: Dr Bart Hallmark

5. Advanced presentation skills: from good to great - 8th March 2024 -
There’s plenty of guidance available that covers the basics of the craft of presenting. This webinar, in contrast, focuses on more advanced skills that are often overlooked, even by experienced presenters. In particular, we consider:
  • The place of slides - and other forms of presenting
  • The various functions of visual aids - and their implications
  • Transitions: how to make your presentation flow
Presenter: Anthony Haynes (Communications Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services)
Host: Dr Bart Hallmark

Recruitment in the Modern World podcast
Our podcast covers comparable topics to those dealt with by our webinars plus such topics as sefl-branding and networking skills.
See our contents page here:

Downloadable PDFs
The 'For candidates' page of our website provides resources on being interviewed, giving  a presentation, and researching a prospective employer. The page is here:

I hope that, between them, these resources provide you with actionable advice - and a sense of being supported. We wish you good luck in your quest.