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Presentation coaching

Anthony Haynes writes: Many of the professionals we work with need to give presentations – as part of either the job application process or their work more generally. And for many that constitutes a challenging prospect. If presenting takes you out of your comfort zone, you’re not alone. At FJWTS, therefore, we’ve developed a personalised service to help you get on top of the process.

The aim
The service is designed to meet two aims:
  1. To help you enhance the quality of the presentation that you’re working on
  2. Capacity-building: to help you feel more skilled and confident about giving presentations generally.
How it works
The typical structure of each engagement runs as follows:
  1. We agree a brief. This can be done by email or phone, but might well also include a brief video call,
  2. You send us, by an agreed deadline, (a) contextual material (for example, the advertisement for the job you’re applying for) and (b) any digital resource to be used during the presentation itself (typically, a slide deck).
  3. We meet online.
    1. You run through the presentation
    2. We provide responses in the form of (i) feedback (a review of the presentation and (ii) feedforward (suggestions on how to enhance the presentation)
  4. After the meeting, we’ll email you a digest (typically in the form of a bulleted list) of the ‘feedforward’ points.
Where appropriate, we’ll provide links/references to supporting online resources (our own and/or those published by third parties).

The cost?
£175 + VAT.

Where next?
To make an appointment – or simply to find out more, without commitment – please contact Anthony Haynes:

For contractors

Demand for contract workers is growing. Benefits to candidates include attractive remuneration, project variety, flexibility, and broadening networks and skills.

The rules governing contractor employment changed on 6 April 2021.

Under the off-payroll working rules (‘IR35’) our clients now determine the contract status of the assignments they offer.

As a result, more contractors are now employed through an umbrella company (payroll service provider) and fewer through personal service companies (PSCs).

FJWilson works with the FCSA-accredited umbrella company Pendragon Consultancy. Below are some Key Information Documents (KIDs) provided by Pendragon Consultancy that show pay illustrations for different contractor day rates.

Also below is a KID to illustrate how contracting works if you are engaged through a PSC. Additional information is available at Contractor FAQs

KID - £350 gross pay umbrella worker .

KID - £400 gross pay umbrella worker .

KID - £450 gross pay umbrella worker .

KID - £500 gross pay umbrella worker .

KID - £400 day rate PSC .

Contractor FAQs .

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