Should you use a recruitment agency? If so, when?

Anthony Haynes writes: Engaging a talent agency can help an employer to save time and leverage specialist skills – but it can also add to costs. So when and how can an agency genuinely add value for employers?

This week we seek to answer these questions in our latest webinar. 

The webinar's designed to:

·         Articulate the advantages and disadvantages of agency engagement

·         Identify when an agency is most/least likely to add value

·         Briefly consider the most productive to collaborate with an agency


  • Presenters: Fiona Wilson (Managing Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services - pictured here) & Anthony Haynes (Communications Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services)
  • Host: Dr Bart Hallmark
The webinar's at 13:00 on Wednesday 29 November, 13:00-14:00.
Register here:

Postscript: For further information on FJ Wilson’s offer for employers, see our web page: