VACANCY: Join our team as a Recruitment Consultant

Anthony Haynes writes: Our business, we're delighted to say, continues to grow -- so we're recruiting another Recruitment Consultant. Full details below.

Purpose of the role

The role is designed to provide FJTWS with enhanced capacity and greater contingency.

The post-holder will work across all three areas of our recruitment work by contributing as (a) account manager, (b) administrator, and (c) researcher. 

The precise blend between these three areas may vary from one time to another according to circumstance.

A concise description of each of these three functions is provided below. More detailed specifications may be found in the appendices.

Key facts

This is a full-time, permanent, home-based role, reporting to our Managing Director.

The post-holder will be 100% home based. You’ll communicate on a regular basis with your manager (and other team members), clients, and candidates, mainly over Microsoft Teams (video and chat), and occasionally via WhatsApp and phone calls.

The role requires 40 hours’ work per week, normally Monday−Friday. The precise days and times may be negotiated to mutual benefit as a typical working pattern, provided they fall within the hours of 07:30−21:00, and may, if proposed by the employee, include some hours worked on a Saturday.

Basic salary will be in the range of £20,000 to £25,000 p.a.

In addition, there’s i) an annual, team-wide, team-based performance bonus of 5% of basic salary and ii) an uncapped commission scheme

We’re enrolled in a NEST occupational pension scheme, which includes an employer contribution.

Annual leave allowance comprises 25 days + your birthday off + Bank Holidays (making 34 days in total).


The key skills required
1.            Ability and willingness to perform tasks - often routine and repetitive - over sustained periods, with pace and accuracy

2.            Ability to prioritise in order to work effectively on multiple projects and meet various deadlines

3.            Matching − being able to identify the degree of fit between (a) the employer’s requirements and preferences and (b) candidates’ qualifications, experience, and attributes

4.            Ability and willingness to work remotely and to organise and motivate yourself whilst doing so

5.            Ability to remain calm, and thrive, under pressure


Application process

We encourage applications from all sections of the community.

No previous experience of the recruitment industry is necessary.

To express interest in this role, send your CV (only) to with ‘Recruitment Consultant’’ in the subject line. The deadline for sending CVs is 26th September (early applications welcomed).

We’ll then send you an application form, for completion by 28th September (early completion welcomed).

For selected applicants, the first stage of the interview process will be an online interview on 5th and 6th October.

Concise description

The account manager work entails two functions, as follows:

(A)      Resourcing vacancies and acting as a resourcing partner to designated clients. The purpose is to help ensure that we provide suitable candidates to enable our clients to fill their vacancies.

(B)      Creating and posting job advertisements (primarily for vacancies for which you are the designated resourcing partner) and sifting, screening, or rejecting job applicants responding to advertisements

A more detailed specification in provided in Appendix A.

This administrator work primarily involves providing:

(A)      Team-wide recruitment administration

(B)      Database administration

(C)      Business development administration

A more detailed specification in provided in Appendix B.

The researcher work entails a single main function, namely sourcing likely candidates for vacancies. Establishing a list of likely candidates typically involves:

A.        searching for possible candidates across various platforms

B.        making initial approaches to gauge interest,

C.        recording and documenting your activity.

A more detailed specification in provided in Appendix C.

Appendix A: Responsibilities when working as account manager


·      Leading, and arranging, vacancy briefing meetings with hiring managers as required. Occasionally these meetings will be led by a Company Director depending on the seniority of the vacancy, with you in attendance. The meetings will also normally involve a researcher from our team. (During your 6-month probationary period, it will be typical for vacancy briefing meetings to be led by either a Company Director, or the other Resourcing Partner for your training and coaching)

·           Documenting your meeting notes in our company briefing template to record key facts, insights, learning, and the vital things we are looking for to secure a matching candidate

·           Negotiating and agreeing the most appropriate recruitment service for each vacancy and agreeing recruitment fees (always with the authorisation of the Managing Director)

·           Documenting any agreed special terms and conditions

·           Negotiating and agreeing appropriate timelines based on supply of candidates in the market and other   factors that affect the supply of candidates such as geographical location

·           Assessing the commercial viability of each recruitment assignment in tandem with the workflow pressures of our researchers, before we agree to work on a vacancy

·           Working with the relevant researcher(s) to design and agree an appropriate approach for them to use when approaching potential candidates

·           Creating an ‘aide memoire’ for screening and briefing potential candidates for each vacancy

·           Conducting candidate screening/briefing sessions booked into your Outlook calendar by our researchers, or which have been booked in by yourself (e.g., for relevant job advert applicants)

·           Making decisions (either with a Company Director, the other Resourcing Partner, or independently) on which candidates to forward to the client

·           Ensuring that candidates you propose have confirmed their relevant-to-the-vacancy right-to-work status, along with other key checks

·      Being prepared to articulate why candidates have been submitted to hiring managers

·      Recording and documenting all activity

·      Switching between a wide range of role requirements and between clients

·      Working to each vacancy’s respective timescales, and prioritising your resourcing work accordingly

·      Regularly communicating with our researchers to ensure their research work is prioritised appropriately.

Job advertisements

Typically, this work involves:


·           Drafting and posting of job adverts (on various platforms), supported where necessary by the Director of Communications

·           Daily checking of job applications across those adverts

·           Contacting job applicants who match the key criteria, and screening and briefing these candidates

·           Either rejecting these screened candidates or progressing their application with our client

·           Rejecting job applicants which do not match the key criteria when the applications deadline has closed.

Appendix B: Responsibilities when working as administrator

Recruitment administration

Typically, responsibilities include:

i)          Ensuring that active clients’ core information records are up to date

ii)        Setting up new vacancies on our systems as requested

iii)       Ensuring that any special terms agreed with the client are on file

iv)       Ensuring that candidates’ applications are formatted correctly

v)         Sense-checking that candidate’s applications demonstrate the client-specified gold, silver and bronze evidence established in the vacancy briefing documentation

vi)       Submitting candidate applications directly or via a client’s software

vii)      Arranging interviews for shortlisted candidates, and rejecting the remainder

viii)     Scheduling interview preparation sessions, typically for a resourcing partner or company director

ix)       Performing administration tasks associated with shortlisted candidates

x)         Drafting invoice information for our Business Administration Associate (who then compiles and sends out client invoices)

xi)       Performing administration tasks associated with the placement of a candidate.

You will need to:

xii)   Switch between a wide range of role requirements and between clients

xiii) Work to each vacancy’s respective timescales, and prioritise your administration work accordingly

xiv)  Regularly communicate with researchers and resourcing partners, to ensure that work is prioritised appropriately per recruitment assignment

xv)   Fulfil ad hoc administrative tasks

xvi)  Record and document all your activity.

Database administration

Typically, this involves:

i)      Checking our database (RSS), to ensure that the information that we hold on candidates is compliant with our GDPR policy

ii)     Checking RSS for new/updated candidate registrations from (integrated into our database), and processing/communicating accordingly

iii)   Recommending potentially relevant candidates on RSS for client vacancies to the resourcing partners

iv)    Flagging in potential new vacancy opportunities to the resourcing partners and/or Managing Director, due to intelligence gleaned from newly active candidates.

Business development administration

Typically, this involves:

i)     Qualifying new clients and prospects (administrative, no sales calls), as requested to do so, on RSS (our database)

ii)   Tracking vacancies from active clients and prospects and sending marketing emails as requested (at other times, tasking the Managing Director to pursue).


Appendix C: Responsibilities when working as researcher

Specific responsibilities during research typically include: 

•           Creating a search strategy for each vacancy

•           Applying growing sector and client knowledge to identify career pathways

•           Applying growing recruitment knowledge to identify high-quality candidates

•           Working across a range of platforms

•           Documenting activity and results as you go accordingly

•           Switching between a wide range of role requirements and between clients

•           Working to each vacancy’s respective timescales and prioritising research accordingly.

Specific responsibilities typically involved in making initial approaches include: 

•           Approaching potential candidates in writing to gauge interest

•           Once established in post, conducting an initial call or interview with the candidate, using company templates

•           Recording calls, interviews, or approach notes on our database and on LinkedIn Recruiter

•           Documenting activity on our vacancy spreadsheets

•           Recommending engaged candidates for the vacancy to the appropriate team member at FJWTS who is overseeing the assignment

•           Highlighting candidates who you view as ‘star quality’ to the appropriate team member at FJWTS who is overseeing the assignment

When not working on actual vacancies, your main responsibility will be to build a network of potential candidates for likely future roles. This typically involves: 

•          Talent-pooling: identifying possible candidates for future roles and building our in- house database of qualified candidates and also networking on LinkedIn

•          Promoting advertised vacancies to our LinkedIn network to generate interest and possible candidate leads.