Practical guidance on how to optimise your CV: free webinar

Anthony Haynes writes: There’s plenty of advice available for job-seekers on how to write CVs.

But if you merely follow the standard advice, the risk is that your CVs will turn out looking much like everyone else’s.

So we've decided to provide a free webinar based on our experience of reading countless CVs. The session will provide advice on how to stand out from the crowd.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr Bart Hallmark and co-presented by our Managing Director, Fiona Wilson (pictured) and me.

During the session we’ll consider (a) what to include in a CV, (b) how to structure it, and (c) what language to use.

The emphasis throughout will be on how to make your CV just right for the vacancy you’re applying for.

Times, with links for reserving your place, are here:

➡️ 6th June, 1745 GMT: reserve your place

➡️ 7th June, 0830 GMT: reserve your place

➡️ 15th June, 0830 GMT: reserve your place