New morning!

Anthony Haynes writes: 'So happy just to be alive/ Underneath the sky of blue/ On this new morning, new morning': readers who have listened to Bob Dylan's song, 'New Morning', will be familiar with these lines.
They come into my mind now because this is a new morning for FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS). For two reasons.
First, because we here launch a new website -- though that fact on its own is probably won't excite anyone except ourselves!
But, second, we're using the launch of the site to announce the new business model that we have under development.
If you explore the pages of this site, you'll see that we're continuing to provide the solutions that our clients have adopted over the last decade -- principally in the areas of talent acquisition and development.
But we also have under development solutions in the areas of coaching and consultancy. And in due course we'll be access to our services through a membership model for organisations and for individuals.
The details will follow shortly. In the meantime, our thanks to Recruit So Simple for hosting this new site.