How employers fail to hire

Anthony Haynes writes: Working in talent acquisition gives us a box seat for watching hiring processes in action -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

That includes processes that result in failure to hire. After all, many employers come to talent acquisition agencies for help after they've unsuccessfully tried to manage the hiring process themselves.

Some attempts to hire will prove unsuccessful in any market. But such outcomes are more common on the labour market of 2022, which is unusually testing. The tendency has been for the 
supply of labour to contract, with the result that vacancies have persisted for longer than was previously the case.

Our experience in recruitment indicates that there are several recurring pitfalls that employers need to avoid.

Unsurprisingly, one common problem area is salary. But salary is not the sole concern.

In the episode on our Recruitment in the Modern World podcast on this topic, Sherah Beckley and I discuss the What, When, and Where of talent acquisition in the current context.

The episode is available here: