How a talent team works: Fatima Enajar

Anthony Haynes (pictured right) writes: On this blog we run an occasional series introducing members of our team. The aim is two-fold: to help our stakeholders to get to know us better; and to explain how the team in a talent agency works.

Here I interview Fatima Enajar.

Q. Your job title is Recruitment Consultant: could you tell us more about what that involves?

My job role involves finding the best matched candidates for our clients and I also complete admin tasks for the business.

My job involves communicating with many different types of people, allowing me to get to know the industry better.

Q. What does your working day/week look like?

My working week includes research, business development and administration.

We have meetings as a team to catch up and keep on top of any new information twice a week. This helps us work together and keeps us all informed.

I also have time to research our clients to build my understanding of different business cultures.

Q. What attracting you to working in talent acquisition?

I wanted to work in talent acquisition as I have always wanted to be a part of an industry that moves fast and has room for development.

Getting to know candidates and clients, helping them reach their goals is the one selling point to me.

It is also an opportunity to communicate with people from all different walks of life.

Q. What kind of work were you doing before you came to FJWTS?

I have a background in sales and customer services.

After finishing my degree, I was left not knowing what I wanted to do as a career, but over time I gained experience and skills that I am now able to use within recruitment.

Working with customers in retail and as a civil servant, I was able to help many vulnerable people, which was very important to me.

Q. And what about you out of work: what do you like doing?

Outside work I like to take a more relaxed approach in life.

I love to chill and watch a good movie, eat good food and be around my loved ones.

I don’t have a hobby as such, but I do really enjoy a good shopping spree!