How a talent team works: Andrea Montgomery

Anthony Haynes writes: On this blog we run an occasional series introducing members of our team. The aim is two-fold: to help our stakeholders to get to know us better; and to explain how the team in a talent agency works.

Here I interview our latest recruit, Andrea Montgomery (pictured).

What is your job title?

Recruitment Consultant .

And what's the function of your role?

It has 3 parts really: researcher, administration and account manager (resourcing partner ).

Researching core clients at the beginning of my journey with FJWilson has proved particularly interesting as it provides a fundamental insight into our clients. which in turn will only strengthen our ability to fill vacancies.

What does your work look like in practice?

Everyday is different: it depends on how busy we are, how many calls are arranged with my colleagues or potential candidates, training sessions, etc.

Engaging in training sessions with external providers is an essential part of the job as its important to keep on top of growing trends and practices in the recruitment sector.

What skills do you find yourself deploying most?

Definitely organisational, communication skills. For Example: We can have multiple vacancies that need to be managed on a daily basis and these need to be prioritised.

Attention to detail is crucial: there are many tasks that need to be completed - for example, emailing clients and candidates, conducting multiple screens daily, communicating with colleagues about the vacancies, and organising callsfor the next day

What are the satisfactions of the role?

I love the joy this role can bring: when you deliver good news to someone re a job offer , you feel validated - all the hard work done has not gone to waste!

What gives you the biggest buzz?

Definitely when a good candidate engages with you and they're open to what it is you have to say, especially someone who has not thought about leaving their current position prior to our conversation.

What did you do before joining FJWTS?

I worked as an Internal Recruitment Consultant in a large sales company,  hiring for all the vacancies that were available internally. It was a busy role but one that I enjoyed.

Prior to that, I enjoyed a long career in the retail fashion industry.

What about life outside FJWTS?

We have a rescue border collie called Finn and he's a lot of work but worth it. Walking with him while he drags me along behind him is good exercise!

I also have a keen interest in psychology and human behaviours, especially cognitive psychology.

I absolutely love the ocean and go to the nearest coast at every opportunity: walking along the beach is therapy.