Advanced skills in presenting: a guide for job candidates

Anthony Haynes (pictured) writes: "Nearly all training is introductory": I can't remember who said this to me, but it struck me as having much truth - and something that we ought to do something about.

In our webinar programme we've already offered an introductory module on presenting, aimed primarily at job candidates.

Now, we've created a second module for the same audience, pitched at an advanced level. 

We focus particularly on how to stand out, and gain a competitive edge, by employing skills that most candidates will simply never even contemplate.

We make no apology for the fact that some of these suggestions are radical - that's precisely because we want to help candidates move beyond the standard approach.

Our sub-title for the webinar, therefore, is

"From good to great!"

The link to a recorded version of the webinar, on ClickMeeting, is available here:

The presenter is Anthony Haynes (Comms Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services) and the host is Dr Bart Hallmark.

PS: We also provide one-to-one training on presentations. For details, please see our website: