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Our blog is designed to enable us to post our own content, principally in the form of news and resources, and to showcase other parties' quality content in the areas of talent acquisition, talent development, and career development. 

We're also open to publishing guest posts. If you'd like to propose a post, please email us (with 'FAO Anthony: guest post' in the subject line) to discuss the idea.

Should you use a recruitment agency? If so, when?

Anthony Haynes writes: Engaging a talent agency can help an employer to save time and leverage specialist skills – but it can also add to costs. So when and how can an agency genuinely add value for employers? This week we seek to answer these questions in our latest webinar.  The webinar's designed to: ·         Articulate the advantages and disadvantages of agency engagement ·        ...

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Practical guidance for employers on talent acquisition

Anthony Haynes writes: Are you an HR manager or hiring manager looking to develop your talent acquisition skills? Our programme of webinars for employers provides advice and guidance based on our professional experience. Each webinar, hosted by Dr Bart Hallmark, lasts 45-60 minutes and is available open access (i.e., free of charge). The current season runs as follows: Title: How to write job advertisements  Content: This webinar is designed to provide practical guidance on writing...

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Practical advice for jobseekers: our free webinar programme

Anthony Haynes writes: Are you a jobseeker who would like to benefit from informed advice and guidance, free of charge? If so, we have a suite of webinars available for you providing practical support based on our professional experience in talent acquisition. Each webinar, hosted by Dr Bart Hallmark, lasts approx. 45 minutes. The current season runs as follows:  Title: Optimising your CV: practical guidance Content: There’s plenty of advice available for job-seekers on how to...

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