Services for employers

Solutions For Employers

Below we outline our solutions for employers. They cover:
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Assessment
  • Talent Development
  • Consultancy 
To discuss any of our services further, please contact us via the telephone number or email address above. We’re also developing a membership model for organisations in the professional sector. We also provide a practical resource, key stages in talent acquisition, covering (1) writing a brief, (2) attracting candidates, (3) candidate experience, (4) dealing with counter-offers, (5) on-boarding, and (6) induction. Our client resource document is available to download:

Client Resource Download

Talent acquisition

Our clients access our recruitment services through two packages — (A) Contingency and (B) Retained to Search.

Contingency Service
Clients who wish to work with us alongside direct recruitment channels or other agencies opt for our Contingency Service. This is a ‘no placement, no fee’ service. Where clients employ us on an exclusive/sole agency basis, we offer a reduced fee.

Retained to Search Service
Clients typically use our Retained to Search Service for ‘Head of’ and ‘Director of’ vacancies and for hard to fill specialist roles, which demand a headhunting approach. Alongside the benefits of provision of dedicated research time, our Clients can select from a menu of additional services, including:

  • bespoke competency-based candidate screening
  • candidate assessments and ability tests
  • executive coaching for the successful candidate, providing the employer with support to ensure effective on-boarding
Additional services for talent acquisition
The add-ons we offer include: Benchmarking of the potential candidate market; creation of job descriptions; creation and administration of job advertisements, plus handling of responses; design and operation of assessment and development centres; and additional psychometric tools and assessments.

What our clients say about our talent acquisition services. In exit surveys, our clients report that they find us:

  • ‘insightful’
  • ‘refreshing’
  • ‘responsive’
  • ‘trusted advisers’
  • ‘straightforward to deal with’


Clients use our talent assessment and ability tests either independently or as part of a recruitment package.

Clients receive
candidate reports (including commentary on areas to probe at interview)
written and oral feedback from an occupational psychologist to the candidate
The service is designed to match assessment data to the employer's values and so provide an estimation of the candidate's potential performance in the target areas. And, yes, the fee for assessment service does include all administration: our clients don't suddenly discover nasty add-ons at invoice stage!

Tools used in our assessment service include: 16PF; Dimensions (Talent Q); EQ-I; Firo-B; Hogan Personality Inventory; Hogan Development Survey; MBT16; NEO PI-R; OPQ (SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire); Watson Glaser; and Wave (Saville Consulting).

Talent development

We provide coaching and leadership development to help achieve success in:

  • on-boarding and transition into a new role and working for a new employer
  • competency interviews and assessments
  • career change
  • development of confidence
  • handling redundancy and restructuring
  • clarifying career direction and realising ambition
  • giving presentations


We provide consultancy designed to help HR and in-house recruitment teams to:

  • Define a role (and generate a brief)
  • Attract candidates
  • Interview candidates effectively
  • Provide great candidate experience during the recruitment process
  • Ensure successful on-boarding
  • Ensure successful induction